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GP Charge AnyWay - X411

GP Charge AnyWay - X411

Benefits :
• It's a USB battery charger + instant PowerBank
• Recharge your AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries &
power up any mobile devices
• Works with alkaline batteries & single-use batteries
for emergency use
• It's Lithium-free* that safe to place it in carry-on and
check-in luggage
• Extra safety protections:
- Negative delta voltage
- Over temperature
- Safety timer
- Short-circuit battery and primary battery
- Reverse polarity
- Over voltage of input
- Output short circuit
- Loop back of input & output


Additional Information

Specifications :

• Battery charging input : 5V DC 1A individual charging for AA / AAA
• Battery charging output : Per channel charging
AA – DC1.4V 500mA average
AAA – DC1.4V 500mA average
• Mobile device charging# : 5V 1.0A (max.) 4 x AA / AAA NiMH rechargeable or single-use batteries
• Dimensions : 80.5(L) x 63.8(W) x 25.2(H) mm
• Weight : 57g (approx.)

Applications :
• Charge smartphone and USB powered electronic devices
• Charge Apple iPhone 7 up to 1.1 times† or Samsung S8 up to 0.7 times† by using NiMH AA 2600mAh rechargeable batteries#
• Charging time (approx.): AA 2600mAh-6hrs, AA 2000mAh-5hrs and AAA 800mAh-2hrs
• Operation temperature : 0°C to 35°C
* Do not contain any reactive lithium that takes place in chemical reaction.
‡ When the battery is overheated, overloaded and short-circuited.
† Based on internal test result.
# Level of charging depends on battery types and charging devices. For best results, AA NiMH rechargeable batteries or
single-use alkaline batteries are recommended for the charging of mobile device.
Charging time is subjected to the power rating of the USB adaptor with 5V DC output.